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overdriven dreams [serbia]

7 kwietnia, 2023

~ overdriven dreams ~ is the moniker of Uroš Kostić, an ambient composer from Niš, Serbia. After many years of studying the potential of his main instrument and various other devices throughout work with several bands and projects, most prominently with the post-rock band There., he started utilizing those sounds in his solo work.
~ overdriven dreams ~ seeks to bring the infinite sound fields of phantasmagoric dreams to life. In the process, he relies primarily on experimentation in the field of post-minimalism, drone, and ambient by working with 4-track cassette tape loops, field recordings, and reel-to-reel tape loops. His pieces are characterized by deep ostinato lines and meandering lush textures permeated with string instruments, pianos, and choirs. For his album “symphony // of // murmurings” which was released by the Netherlands label Slow Tone Collages he collaborated with one of the most prolific experimental artists Lawrence English as a mastering engineer.

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In a short time, he established himself as one of the currently most active ambient musicians in the Balkan region, above all at numerous performances around Europe, where he shared the stage with well-known artists such as Pan-American (ex- Labradford), Alison Cotton, and Wojciech Rusin.
•• A smooth and long dive into the depths of the sounds around us, analog effects and tape world, otherworldly noises and opaque, barely perceptible vibrations. 10/10 – NoiseMe
This is a prime 31-minute track, starting slow and soft, building gradually.
Numerous sounds slowly layer themselves in; some are voices and others are familiar but not quite identifiable – somewhat musical and somewhat otherworldly – Tuning to obscure ••

•• START < 19:30 ••
••• 7.04.2023 •••


7 kwietnia, 2023
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