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HASSAN K. [fr/ir] 🛼 JANKENPOPP [fr] + DJ afterparty

7 marca

🫢 There are some concerts, that turn Uczulenie upside down. The trains stop over our heads, people hanging at the bar peek in asking our favorite question „can I just take a look?” and the audience stands on chairs not to miss a single moment of the performance.
🫨 This will be one such evening 🫨
On March 7 in Czuła Jest Noc we’ve got a double concert for you: French-Iranian guitarist and composer Hassan K. and, sunk in oldschool web aesthetics, showman Jankenpopp ✨
🪐 Both are known for their unique, frenetic and energetic gigs, during which they cross genre boundaries with almost the same ease with which they draw all listeners and listeners into their musical and visual world.
And if dancing to their music wasn’t enough, after the concerts we have an after party for you with local vinyl selectors of non-obvious and polyrhythmic sounds: Ubunoir and Tytus.cpp 🔝
🔽 Full bios and links below! 🔽

🫶 See you on 07.03! 🫶
〰️〰️〰️ Line up:
🔺Hassan K. (live)
🔺Jankenpopp (live)
🔺Ubunoir (DJ)
🔺Tytus.cpp (DJ)
💸 tickets: 40 pln at the door (cash/blik)


🟠 Hassan K.
« Hassan K’s Isteghna – the work of French-Iranian based in Lille –
is a big, bold helping of what the fuck is going on here?… » – The Quietus
Above all, Hassan K. is more than 12 years of international performances (EU, US, Japan, North Africa, Turkey, Indonesia …),
concerts in halls, festivals, clubs, galleries, third places …
with a D.I.Y approach and always outside social networks,
in coherence with his research subjects in interaction design and
sociology of digital media.
Hassan K. is a French-Iranian one-man band with ambitious electro, surf, rock, metal and oriental compositions (without samples, composed with clicks and electric Iranian setar, with love).
It is above all a unique live experience, energetic, stirred by an insatiable passion for the scene, and a unique digital lutherie which allows to be close to the public. Unclassifiable, but all terrain and all audience.
Despite its absence on social networks, the authorities of diffusion of mainstream music (that by ethical choice), the project is was greeted and supported by the specialized press (Arte Tracks, Noise, The Quietus, France Culture…), elected one of the best European alternative group by the Euronoize (consortium of musicologists of the Royal College of Art and the Kunsthall). The support of the music lovers and the actors of the current music is essential to continue to make live the project.Last tour report

Live show:


Imaginatio Vera:

🟠 Jankenpopp
A true showman, electronic luthier, iconoclastic producer and programmer, Jankenpopp is all these things at once, and more, when he blends electro sensuality, punk brutality, tropical rhythms and devastating humor in unclassifiable performances.
Armed with an effects-packed microphone, game boy, hijacked game controllers and other „home-grown” audio-video instruments, this free spirit develops an original approach that frees him from the traditional concert format, leaving room for improvisation and audience interaction. With over 400 solo concerts to his credit worldwide, Jankenpopp has honed his singular style to deliver an exhilarating show combining ultra-communicative energy and high-flying technicality.




🟠 Ubunoir
Wroclaw-based DJ and promoter of completely unobvious sounds. Since 2006, he has been known for his online show, Istota Ssąca, which, in the form of his original podcasts and mixtapes, was based on popularizing releases that correspond to unconventional electronic genres. Its rhythms are best defined by the terms: crazy, strange and somewhat ironic, and are expertly named chiptune. His activity was confirmed with the release of his second original compilation „Kooky Nuts Pop” on the French label Proot records, and oscillated around such genres as toy piano, electro-mambo, surf, 8-bit and breakcore.

🟠 tytus.cpp
A veteran of Wrocław’s all thins breaky scene, he is responsible for the Pixel Gigs series, activities under the CPP banner and a long string of other projects.
🫶 Supported by Istotne Nagr. & Hubert Kostkiewicz – thank You!!
🫶 Poster: Sylwia Słowik
🫶 Illustrations: Clotilde Auboeuf-Dominguez, IG @clotilde_auxtresors



Miejsce wydarzenia

Czuła Jest Noc / Uczulenie
Kolejowa 8
Wrocław, Poland
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